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NIMP – Development Concept for Formulation of NIMP

NIMP - Development Concept for Formulation of NIMP

CD, Parametric, 2004

Released on the French label Parametric, this is the first album by Guillaume Eluerd (alias NIMP). It is one of those releases that isn’t “just” about music (although it is the essential aspect of this release) as it also features a multimedia section with excellent video work by Remy Pelleschy (Mlada Fronta) and artwork by Yann Orhan.
Extreme care was clearly put into the composition of the music, and the ingenious manipulation of samples is worthy of notice, in particular vocal samples (readily apparent in “progress report 1” and “creeps”, for example). Listening to NIMP, it quickly becomes obvious that this album was skillfully composed and executed by someone who knows music and, not only has a clear idea of what he wants to convey but also how to lead the listener into an immersive aural experience.
Bleepy and robotic but simple and delicate, with a definite sense of playfulness and inherent optimism, the music also conveys a sense of nostalgia and longing, taking the listener on a trip into a simpler life concept. This is not music to listen to in an absent-minded manner, despite its apparent simplicity, NIMP requires undivided attention to feel (and glimpse some understanding of) what it is about.
“Development Concept for Formulation of NIMP” begins slowly and mechanically, gently developing into the playful but shy “contest” and “mm”, leading into the excellent “progress report 1”, (my favourite track in this release), easily reminiscent of a cute and friendly (but extremely timid) robotic insect. The mechanical singer/ballerina (totally not creepy) and subsequent dreamlike and almost meditative closing pieces are an apt ending to what is a brilliant sequence of masterful music pieces.
“Development Concept for Formulation of NIMP” may be a bit of an acquired taste is also a highly enjoyable piece of art that is definitely worth acquiring.


— Miguel de Sousa

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