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Neurobash – Shallow Pool

Neurobash - Shallow Pool

Download-only Single, Electric Fantastic Sound, 2006

Neurobash are one of the many new acts to emerge from the growing Electric Fantastic Sound label. Formed in 2004 by Per Nordahl and Johan Andersson, and taking their name from the Front 242 track “Neurobashing”, the two set out to prove that there really don’t have to be limitations to specific genres and, although electronic music is the focus of their efforts, they see no reason why they shouldn’t use other styles to further shape their sound. Now joined by another two members to aid them in their quest to craft non-commercial yet approachable music, the band have set out to create something truly genuine for their listeners.
The title track, and for that matter most of the tracks on the single, instantly conjure up memories of the Post-Punk/New Wave movement of yesteryear. Led by a generous helping of Electropop, Neurobash have an uncanny way of leaving you second-guessing what decade you’ve been left in! Fans of that particular period of electronic music should definitely take note of this act, as I feel this will have a lot to offer them in the sense of nostalgia.
Although at times the persistent stomp of the bass and the somewhat raw vocals can be a tad abrasive and monotonous throughout the first three tracks, the single does leave on what I’d consider quite a high note. The remix of “Shallow Pool” (titled the “Platimatic Mix”) shows a very opposite side of the single. For this mix they have opted for an ultra-dancey, almost trance-like version, and in my opinion it has certainly served as a great contrast to the original.
It’s not what I would consider an amazing single outright, but I would certainly be surprised if we don’t see “Shallow Pool (Platimatic Mix)” grace a few compilations in the near future.


— Paul Marcham

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