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KK.Null – Prime Radiant

KK. - Prime Radiant

CD, Blossoming Noise, 2005

With an impressive discography, Kazuyuki Kishino is part of the great masters of Japanoise and experimental noise music along with Masami Akita (Merzbow), Koji Tano (Msbr) or Contagious Orgasm.
Released on the new label Blossoming Noise, “Prime Radiant” appears to have been composed inside a nuclear reactor undergoing meltdown and includes some live recordings of unprecedent savagery. All tracks in this album are untitled and are simply numbered and named after their duration. I nearly became deaf in one ear when listening to this album with headphones due to the extreme violence of the high frequencies viciousness of the infrabasses.
When listening to this album, I have the impression that the world collapses into an infinite pit and that our lives are absolutely vain in face of cosmic chaos and exploding comets. With “Prime Radiant”, KK.Null as produced one of his most tectonic recordings, with tracks capable of reformatting the one’s brain and which invite the listener to dance naked on the ashes of our civilization. Noise is the ultimate primal scream.
This is an album that might not be for everyone. Fans of Genocide Organ or Propergol will certainly appreciate the brutality of this record, while the non-initiated might regret even the act of pressing “play” on their CD player.


— Pedro PeƱas y Robles

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