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It-Clings – Fuck It All

It-Clings - Fuck It All

CD, Bugs Crawling Out Of People, 2009

It-Clings is the spoken word project of Squid, the founder of the label Bugs Crawling Out Of People, and is based on a quite peculiar concept: as a matter of fact Squid is not a musician in the first place, he’s more of a writer and an orator… So he declaims his venomous diatribes as an addition to the music of several artists from the electro-industrial scene, and has performed quite a lot of collaborations since 2005, with artists such as Pneumatic Detach (with whom he released the full-length album “The All Too Logical Descent Into Madness”), Autoclav 1.1, Fractured, Prospero, Worms of the Earth, Dead Man’s Hill, Famine and Shaxxy. Recently, he released “Fuck it All”, the eagerly-awaited full-length CD collecting together tracks from each musician he collaborated with. So, as is said on It-Clings’ website, now you won’t have to “buy a bunch of crappy fucking CD’s by talentless hacks just to get your hands on the latest It-Clings track!” This kind of sentence tells us a lot about the guy’s twisted sense of humor.
A sense of humor you can also find into It-Clings’ lyrics, even if they sound very vicious in the first place. The main themes mentioned here are hatred, anger, misanthropy and revolt against the all-pervading mediocrity of modern society, and after some time spent listening to his rants, we have to admit that Squid seems to be a pretty deranged person, but his writings also contain a tinge of tongue-in-cheek humor. Another important point is that he always asks his musical partners to keep his voice clear and intelligible, so the audience can pay attention to the content. Apart from that, there doesn’t seem to be any creative restrictions imposed to the artists It-Clings works with: they can follow the path of electro-industrial like Pneumatic Detach and Worms of the Earth do, while Autoclav is more into electronica, and Dead Man’s Hill offers us some nice pieces of a more experimental/atmospheric oriented work.
That makes this record varied and without any lull, while Squid’s shouting and grouching back up the all thing from the beginning to the end. This album is a good example of what industrial music was at the beginnings and should always have been: powerful and meaningful,


— Olivier Noel

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