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Iris – Awakening

Iris - Awakening

CD, Diffusion Records, 2003

After the success of Iris’ debut album, “Disconnect”, there was much hype surrounding the coming second release by this Texan-based Synthpop duo. Unlike what so often happens in such situations, Iris delivered what was expected from them (and expectations were very high) with their second release, “Awakening”.
“Awakening” is Synthpop, pure and simple: melodic and catchy, seriously personal with a touch of nostalgia feeling and ultimately hopeful. Not unlike the previous album, it is also very Romantic in nature, which can also felt in the lyrical content. The lyrics are excellent and manage to not sound corny at all (a real risk in this musical genre) keeping a balance between being explicit and allegoric.
Compared to the previous album, “Awakening” is less dance-oriented and more melodic in nature. However, there are a couple of tracks (“Sorrow Expert” and “You’re the Answer”) which may be considered as having some dance-floor potential, but none of them comparable to the Synthpop masterpiece which is “Annie would I lie to You”.
Ultimately, “Awakening” is a brilliant Synthpop album. Not one that is immediately “apprehended” but, instead, one that grows in quality with each new listening.
Note that there are three versions of this album: two US versions (a limited digipack edition and ‘normal’ version) and one European (featuring three more tracks than the US version).


— Miguel de Sousa

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