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Instant Movie Combinations – Shipyard

Instant Movie Combinations - Shipyard

CD, Cold Graey, 2007

The Cold Graey label from Russia had been unknown to me, which struck me as weird when I looked at the list of releases in which they had some influence (more or less). The list contains many releases which already earned a spot in my collection, with the magnificent Stpocold release “What happened outside” in most frequent rotation.
As it turned out, Cold Graey is the re-incarnation of the label Misfake Studio’s. No renaming of catalog numbers, but with a continuation of using the ‘MF’ prefix, they arrived at MF10, Instant Movie Combinations, for whom the CD-R “Shipyard” is already the second album on this label.
Packed in a slightly oversized, clearly handmade, envelope “Shipyard” counts seven tracks with dark noisey drones. Straightforward drones, there is not the slightest indication of a mix with either soundscapes or ambient, something we see quite often in this type of music. Because of this, the music is quite hard to grasp for an untrained ear and this listener would label the release as noisey sounding experiments which keep on going and going.
Admitted, the sounds could have been a bit more interesting at times – a bit more varied modulations, additional layers, etc – but, for the well trained ear there is sonic pleasure at the shipyard. Minimal dark rumblings are layered in many different ways and a nice industrial spectacle is built… Images of Rotterdam Harbour by night: massive, empty, spacial, but foremost, dark.


— Bauke van der Wal

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