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Innfallen – Three Days of Darkness

Innfallen - Three Days of Darkness

CD, First Fallen Star, 2009

“Three Days of Darkness” is the soundtrack to a Catholic prophecy in which the Earth is held in a cold starless night for three days. During this period all the demons of Hell are free to roam Earth, to do as they please. When the sun finally rises on the fourth day only a third of Earth’s population will have survived.
This is the first release by “Innfallen” – a dark ambient collaboration between Doyle Finley (Invercauld) and newcomer Kevin┬áScala.
The album can be divided into two parts. Tracks one to five cover the prologue and each of the three days of darkness. This part is characterised by a tangible atmosphere of menace, slow dirty drones, nether-worldly susurrations and distant muffled sounds.
Tracks six to eight describe the aftermath. They are less harsh and more contemplative, using mostly softer sounds and ending with clean synth work on the last track.
My favorite track is the fourth “Day Two (Gnashing of Teeth)”. It is the heaviest, densest track of the album. With shifting drones it evokes numbing winds shrieking past empty buildings as demons bellow and hiss to each other through the blackness. Throughout this track there is a palpable sense of fear. Another favorite is track seven “Epilogue (Scattered Remains)”, where mournful drums echo out as the empty realisation that the horror is over dawns on the remnants of humanity.
This is a well crafted journey with an intense atmosphere. The tracks tend to blend into one another, especially in the first part, so it requires attentive listening to catch the subtleties.


— Rudolf Vavruch

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