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Hyperbubble – Better Set Your Phasers to Stun

Hyperbubble - Better Set Your Phasers to Stun

CDS, Bubblegum Records, 2009

Happy songs for happy people. Well that’s me out then. Synthpop is, however, the area where I am most tolerant of music on the more cheerful side of life, and this is clearly what Texan duo Hyperbubble performs. The only problem is, on this five-track single they have produced some of the jolliest sounds I have ever heard, and as a result I feel somewhat uncomfortable. Listening objectively, as one must when writing reviews, this music is generally well written and infuriatingly catchy.
“Better Set Your Phasers to Sun” sounds like the intro music for a sci-fi themed kids’ cartoon where nothing bad ever happens, although the sudden new wave punk-pop interlude is rather surprising, which turns out to be the contribution of Welsh band Helen Love. The first two mixes of the title track seem to vary in little more than tempo, but then the “Suspended Animation” ambient mix all but dispenses with the original tune and provides a pleasing atmospheric break. “Beach Party UFO” then follows with a good natural-sounding bass line and a rocking beat, but the sugary duet vocals are a little out of tune and rather too sweet for most people. Finally, “Disco Glasgow” is slightly darker electro, lending itself to some quality dance floor action, before the bubblegum and cheese are once more delivered with a funky disco bass line in the final minute.
So if you like light-hearted synthpop and are of a generally light-hearted disposition, then don’t listen to a grumpy old bastard’s (such as myself) opinion and go have a listen to some sweet, sugary sounds.


— Nathan Clemence

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