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Heft vs. Scaffolding – We Will Diminish

Heft vs. Scaffolding - We Will Diminish

download-only, Plastic Sound Supply, 2008

The first release on the Plastic Sound Supply label – and currently available for free from the label’s website! – this four-tracker contains one dancefloor number and one more experimental track from each act. “Dose” and “Mound” are both 4-to-the-floor brain techno in the 130 BPM area, which (perhaps not coincidentally) mix into each other rather nicely. The former (Heft’s track) pushes the envelope a little further, mashing the beats up occasionally to resemble whatever the techno equivalent of breakcore would be.
The other two tracks are complete departures compared to the relative orthodoxy of the two club tunes. Scaffolding’s “Attempt” sounds a little like Broken Note’s ambient builds, with occasional spare machine beats punctuating a thoroughly apocalyptic electronic soundscape. You can imagine music like this to be the cornerstone of Skynet’s internal playlist while it crushes the puny human rebellion. Heft’s “Waves Upon Waves”, on the other hand, sets a sensuous female vocalist to a sinister, slightly glitchy but huge and melodramatic trip-hop beat. Think Recoil, lightly remixed by Funkstörung.
Both artists are faultlessly professional, and the label deserves credit for putting two very leftfield tracks on the same release as two much more conventional slices of DJ fodder. And then giving it away for free…


— Andrew Clegg

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