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Heal – Supernatural

Heal - Supernatural

12″, Sound on Probation, 2009

Laurent Perrier, the man with many faces, surprises again. We know him from releases under his own name, as PylĂ´ne, as Zonk’t, as Cape Fear, maybe some of you remember Nox and, of course, Heal. Each project fully different from the others, but all of them equally interesting for here is a true musician at work.
“Supernatural” is a vinyl release basically consisting of minimal beats with additional spherical layers of nice analog accents, stretched sounds and ‘normal’ instruments. At some moments it sounds like SPK or Throbbing Gristle with a beat, other tracks sound classical or clubby even, and some are way more jazz-influenced. Maybe it is because Mr. Perrier has been around so long, but on this release he definitely shows that he is capable of managing himself in more than just one style.
The weird thing of this release is that it was based around recordings of other musicians that have been rearranged, reworked and probably heavily manipulated by Laurent. So maybe it is hard to speak of a release by Laurent Perrier or to still see Heal as a solo-project, but it is very obviously still Heal.
The throbbing “Button burger” and the swinging “Il me reste trois vies” and side A are awesome, and the flipside is fully worth it getting this album. Music only categorisable as ‘electronica’. The result of it all is an album with just as many faces as Mr. Perrier himself. And all of them are smiling at you.


— Bauke

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