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Hannas Barber – Don’t Buy The Sun

Hannas Barber - Don't Buy The Sun

Vinyl, Instant Action Object, 2005

At once both decadent and avant-garde, Hannas Barber’s “Don’t Buy the Sun” is an incredible piece of melodic electronic minimalism.
While only their second publication, Don’t Buy the Sun stands its own against other veterans in the same field with gorgeous breaks and wonderfully hypnotic environments set against the tinkering of random inspirations in low-key resonance. With definitive influences from the Drum’n’Bass and minimalist electronics genres, this album has a place in most all enthusiasts’ homes as it will appeal to a wide variety of audiences. Simplistic melodies interlace themselves around impressively arranged percussion samples to form a truly enjoyable sound.
One of the most enjoyable aspects of this album is the simple fact that it can be dismissed at the first listen, but when one opens themselves up to it in successive turns, one will most undoubtedly become a fan. It would be very difficult not to appreciate the talent and tenacity put into this album which made it sound so good so easily.
Final score: nine out of ten habanero peppers.


— Ethan Cohen

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