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Godlike – It Will Be Godlike/Underground

Godlike - It Will Be Godlike/Underground

download-only single, Electric Fantastic Sound, 2007

At a time when electronic music is often accused of prioritising sound or genre accessibility over song writing – by way of automata, this single offers deliverance. Swedish synthpop act Godlike combine pop harmonies and hooks with very digital sounds and sharp programming. Though it’s unashamedly emotive, there’s no denying its strength as a track, and the remixes each do it justice – taking not so much into other stylistic territory but expanding on native themes.
While the first, original track offers a cold cut, complete image of the band, the B-side “Underground Lover” contrasts nicely. Though the lyrics are a little twee at times, the pops and squeaks punctuating the bluesy swagger of well-rounded bass are reminiscent of early Human League, if with more computerised polish. This is extended somewhat further with the classic electro-styled octaves of the Lip Service remix of “It Will be Godlike,” with its sawing hooks and chilly vocoder – perhaps a little slow for some dance halls, but pleasant in itself.
“It Will Be Godlike – Revisited” is my personal favourite, with it’s mounting, tense strings and soft, jazzy piano riffs contrasting starkly with mechanised kicks and snares and swelling leads, echoing countrymen Covenant but less calculated and more naive. Overall, Godlike offer fey, if well-constructed electronic pop. While it’d be great to hear more output from them and hear them strengthen their sound, this effort is infectious to say the least.


— James Ryan

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