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GladKazuka – Panameña

GladKazuka - Panameña

Download Only EP, Sonic360, 2005

This four-track EP is the debut release of the retro-electronic project gladKazuka, brainchild of Colombian Gregorio Gómez. Like all Sonic360 releases, “Panameña” is also “download only”.
GladKazuka’s music can easily be described as consisting of hollowed-out disco clichés (not that there was ever much content in disco to start with) stripped of their dance qualities, leaving simplistic melodies and a faint groove, coupled with lo-fi cold robotic beats, retro bass line and the odd clap. The end result is something that, lacking dance-floor kick, is probably more suitable for lounge or easy listening. It is not ground-breaking by any means but it’s not totally unpleasant either. Especially if one likes “retro”-flavoured music full of familiar references.
Unfortunately, just as one is getting into the music during a 3-track build-up, the lounge ride is cut abruptly with the non-descriptive “Doblan”, just after the somewhat catchy “Take Me”. A couple more tracks could have been included to better showcase the artist’s talent as well as to keep the pace for awhile longer and fading out more smoothly. Given the scarcity of themes, one is at odds to draw any definite conclusions about GladKazuka’s music.


— Miguel de Sousa

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