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Feu Follet – Toi Et Le Son

 - Toi Et Le Son

CD, Eizeleinheit, 2006

Feu follet is a two-track release which starts with some really nice ambient, its intensity increasing nicely in places and buffeting the listener along nicely into a dreamworld soundscape of ambient texture. It is very one dimensional ambient, but nicely produced none the less and very nice background ambience.
Track two, “Larme d’heike”, starts off as more of an industrial affair, with machine-like drones building and dropping into a phased ambient pool of the same rising and falling sweep style ambient, growing and warping around with some nice touches, if not a little bland.
The whole album is very nicely produced and sounds great. Unfortunately for me there just wasn’t enough in there to keep me really hooked. There’s some good solid ambient in this release, although a few more tracks would have been nicer.


— Matt Smith

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