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Empusae – Error 404: Metaphorical Loss

Empusae - Error 404: Metaphorical Loss

CD, Hands Productions, 2005

“Error 404: Metaphorical Loss”, the second full-length release from Belgian act Empusae, this time from Hands Productions, is a really, really bad thing to happen to anyone. Seriously, it’s been a long while since I last felt that compelled to drop whatever I was doing and just sit back and listen through an entire CD for over an hour, regardless of how many times I had heard it before.
Hauntingly melodic, “Error 404: Metaphorical Loss” will draw you in with its dark soundscapes, taking you to a deep journey through the most sinister and melancholic parts of Empusae’s psyche and dragging you along the darker corners of your own mind while at it. This album really can be best described as an aural experience, the majority of the album being a true dark electro / industrial epic, crawling through your speakers with an eerily slow pace. But not without occasionally gaining momentum in the form of faster-paced tracks, such as “Urficae”, “Lamer Urco” and the final track “Pijnzallick”.
In general, “Error 404: Metaphorical Loss” is not really geared towards dance floors, providing a more intimate and personal listening experience that will suit any headphone recluse, or pretty much turn you into one for its duration. And speaking of headphones and the like, the work that IC 434’s Geert de Wilde has done with the mastering is excellent, focusing on the keyboards and loops while keeping the beats ominously bass-heavy and solid.
Masterfully executed, this record is a must have for everyone who likes their music dark and serious, and certainly among the best soundtracks one could have for more introversive moments. The only way I can thank Hands and Empusae enough for providing us with such class listening material is with a full 10/10.


— George Mouratidis

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