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DisinVectant – Unclean EP

DisinVectant - Unclean EP

CD, 3 Pin Recordings, 2006

After DisinVectant’s 2004 full-length album, comes “Unclean”, an EP released at the beginning of 2006, once again by Three Pin. Having had the luck to review the full album, the new material was naturally received with certain anticipation.
The three track EP offers a somewhat limited listening time, to the extent that you don’t get familiarised with the new elements in the sound at first listen, which may discourage those not giving the EP time to settle in.
Egg plant’s characteristic verse is accompanied by more laid back beats this time round, setting a pace without feeling as heavy, although their effect is augmented by the various soundscapes and ambiences, once again providing a dark, almost dystopian feeling and mood. Having heard the previous release thoroughly, I’ve come to grow accustomed to the rants and ravings that the verses feel like, accepting their function as enhancers to the apocalyptic mood rather than searching for more normal, coherent lyrics.
True to the soundtrack feel of the first album, while being somewhat less oppressing, “Unclean” is a good, if short, taste of releases to come by the duo, hopefully sometime soon.


— George Mouratidis

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