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DisinVectant – DisinVectant

DisinVectant - DisinVectant

CD, 3 Pin Recordings, 2004

This being a first contact with the work of DisinVectant, the fact that the credits mentioned people named “The Egg plant” and “YinTov” as responsible for the release in my hands did cause some smirking and a certain negativity before actually listening to their material.
Gladly, after a few spins, DisinVectant proved that (funny aliases aside) they are very, very serious about what they do. And what they did do with their self-titled album is bring us a great release of harsh, atmospheric compositions that will make any headphone recluse revel in sheer listening joy.
Spoken verse and a multitude of samples are layered with minimalistic synths, forming the waves above the vast darkness of the percussion that exhibits its presence with an almost excruciating heaviness. Unfortunately, the vocals, while very fitting in their delivery and tone with the release’s mood, are somewhat hindered from their full effect due to the amount of improvisation that sometimes (“Small Tickle Scissors” instantly springing to mind) almost reaches randomness.
Their own definition of the DisinVectant sound as “Lo-fi, post-whatever” fits so accurately that it’d be a shame not to be mentioned, if only as an indication that the duo knew precisely what it was doing, having managed to achieve an unexpected fusion of genres as diverse as trip-hop, ambient and glitch, with a delivery that’s screaming epic, all the while retaining a bleak grittiness that marks a real soundtrack for a coming wasteland.
This debut album being a 2004 release, I can say that I find it a pity that I hadn’t discovered this project earlier, what with their new “Unclean” EP already out since the beginning of this year. Hopefully, it will be characterized by the same maturity, if not an even more refined style (and a stronger touch of coherence in the lyrics).


— George Mouratidis

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