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Dekad – Confidential Tears

Dekad - Confidential Tears

CD, BOREDOMproduct, 2007

French trio Dekad follow up 2005’s “Sin_Lab” with “Confidential Tears”, their second album for Boredom Product. Influenced by various genres such as synth pop (Depeche Mode, Mesh, De/Vision), EBM (Front 242, Nitzer Ebb), industrial (Haujobb, In Strict Confidence) and gothic (Xymox), each band member brings a different musical interest to the mix.
Fusing the vocal style of synthpop with an electro industrial synth backing, the three members of Dekad – Seb, JB and Jérôme – create a driving electronic sound with strong vocal delivery and forceful (but not overpowering) electronics. The influence of modern synthpop bands such as Mesh and De/Vision is evident from the start with all the hallmarks of the style present from album opener “Story” through to tracks such as “Down Below” and “Next Time”. While the style is instantly recognisable, Dekad bring their own twist by adopting a slightly more aggressive attitude and powerful backing probably borne out of their love of industrial and EBM music. The band even manage to maintain the energy of the album almost from start to finish, with track after track of upbeat synthpop and a strong set of electro tracks that offers a twist on an established and often replicated form of electronic music. They even tentatively venture into slightly more experimental Nine Inch Nails territory with “Image of You”, making the beats and industrial elements just a touch harder and stronger. The only downtempo track on the album is “March of the Damned” which is a melancholy track of steady introspection that acts as an interlude between the experimental “Image of You” and the EBM industrial track “Tension”.
“Confidential Tears” is a strong album with a stylistically varied range of tracks, consistent songwriting and smooth vocal delivery. Everything comes together nicely with Dekad presenting their own brand of modern electro-industrial music that mixes classic elements with their own ideas to keep things original and interesting.


— Paul Lloyd

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