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Covenant – Northern Light

Covenant - Northern Light

CD, Ka2 Music, 2002

By now it’s safe to assume that Covenant are ‘the’ band that emerged from the 90’s crop of electronic music bands, I’d even go to the point of suggesting that they could well become the pop music legends of this decade (like Madonna who emerged in the 80’s, but that’s another story). “Northern Light” is the fifth studio release of this Swedish trio and once more we witness a mutation in their musical style, while retaining their immediately recognizable characteristic sound-style.
In “Northern Light”, Covenant retain a sound with definite club-potential in most songs but drift towards a calmer and less aggressive sound than their earlier albums. Their sound structures also evolved to become more complex and subtle, encompassing Kraftwerk-like melodies, classic electro-industrial, synthpop and even some electroclash, at the same time making a return of sorts to their EBM roots. The lyrics are, as always, impeccable.
Despite the presence of obvious club-oriented, easily recognizable tracks like “Call The Ships To Port” and “We Want Revolution”, the true pearls of this album are the less obvious tracks, like “Bullet”, “Prometheus” and “We Stand Alone”.


— Miguel de Sousa

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