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Connect_icut – LA (An Apology)

Connect_icut - LA (An Apology)

12″ vinyl, CSAF Records, 2007

Connect_icut is the musical output of Samuel Macklin, who hails from the UK but currently resides in Canada. His past output consists of a full album entitled “Moss” and a split CD-R with Frozen Rabbit. But it’s been two years since “Moss” and I can definitely say that I’ve been very excited to hear new material from Connect_icut.
“LA (An Apology)” is a 12″ only album limited to a mere 99 copies, it comes in a hand assembled LP sleeve with some nice artwork. The fact that it’s limited to 99 copies should perhaps bear repeating because I’m assuming, when its gone, its gone and it’d be a shame to miss out on this.
Some people may think something is wrong with the record (or their turntable) upon first putting the album on because of the popping-like sounds they are greeted by. These quickly dissipate into electronic drones and warping synth sounds. Before you know it though, these too melt away into gentle acoustic guitar and atmospherics that seem to me to be a sort of soundtrack to the empty (Western United States) location I currently reside in. The first side of the LP continues on with lush fields of electronic ambiance with beautiful instrumentation of piano, more guitar and what seems to me is some organ at one point, to give the pieces more of a sense of direction.
Turning the LP over, we start off with what I would consider a darker piece, the electronics are darker and a bit more sinister sounding. Certainly not in a cheesy matter. The electronic beeps that come and go remind me of a lost R2-D2 (maybe I’m insane but thats what comes to mind and it DOES fit in with the rest of the sounds). Occasionally, the way the track goes reminds me of what Nurse With Wound’s “Soliloquy For Lilith” masterpiece might have sounded like if processed through a computer and made a few hundred times more complex. Eventually though, it softens up and becomes another wonderfully done atmospheric piece where whatever sounds used were melted together to form something truly beautiful. This track forms most of the second LP side. The other track “I’m Really Really Sorry” serves to completely throw you off with an electronica piece with a set beat that you could easily find yourself tapping your toes to.
So in the end we have a nice looking LP with two sides of great music that covers a lot of territory. If you happen to be a fan of Connect_icut’s past work, you’re in for a treat because “LA” definitely shows how far he’s progressed since his first album. If you’re a new comer though, this is also a good place to start because so much territory is covered.


— Charlie Martineau

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