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Cast – Are Teek L

Cast - Are Teek L

CD, Peace Technologies/Lagunamuch Community, 2005

“Are Teek L” is the second offering by the Peace Technologies sub-label of the Russia-based Lagunamuch Community. The first release to come from Cast, alias Denis Kaznacheev, the album is nothing short of an impressive display of creativity and musicianship, with a maturity that is simply unexpected from first releases, but certainly most welcome.
Spanning 15 tracks, “Are Teek L” contains as much music as you can fit in a single CD, but still manages to sound good, without filler material employed to drag the album to its rather full length. In the cold and dark world of idm, an album that fits within the genre without resorting to cliche, forced moodiness, is a most refreshing change. As a matter of fact, Cast’s work may be one of the most laid back records I’ve had the pleasure to enjoy in the past while, retaining the ocassional undertone of mystery, but never becoming unnecessarily heavy. The glitchy, experimental sound of the tracks is wonderfully focused, remaining simple without feeling too minimalistic, while a great sense of emotion is conveyed through the more melodic sections of the tracks, in a mixture of sound that can be equally chilling as chilled. Overall, while not heavily danceable, “Are Teek L” is an excellent record to sit back and relax to, the melodies easily captivating enough to be a great landscape of sounds rather than mere aural wallpaper. Also worthy of praise is the excellent packaging and artwork, specially for a release with such a low price of admission, in a refreshing change from the “CD-R in a printed A5” that’s becoming disconcertingly common.
A stellar release, showing much promise for the future of Cast, as well as that of the Peace Technologies and Lagunamuch labels.


— George Mouratidis

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