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Cacheflowe / Scaffolding / Wayne Winters – The Reprogramming Project

V/A - The Reprogramming Project

CD-R, Plastic Sound Supply, 2008

“The Reprogramming Project” is a collaborative venture of sorts between artists Cacheflowe, Scaffolding, and Wayne Winters, released on the newborn U.S. label Plastic Sound Supply. Here we are treated to 12 tracks between the three aforementioned artists all reworking, remixing, and collaborating with each other to create a stunning collection of IDM and Electronica styled songs.
So what separates this from the slew of other IDM efforts currently out there? With “The Reprogramming Project” it comes down to personality and accessibility; two attributes that seem to be absent in the constant flood of so-called “intelligent dance music” releases these days. Here is a little-known gathering of music that avoids the flashy pitfalls of typical comparisons and familiar label recognition, and instead relies quite gently on the content contained within. The obscure nature of this release already makes it intriguing but what is presented here solidifies its notoriety.
Within the confines of this little slice of plastic, a genre is defined and proved without reservation. Engaging right from the start “The Reprogramming Project” quickly lures the listener into a warm and inviting soundscape of electronic possibilities without faltering from its purpose in the slightest. The production here is full of life and programming efforts soar into engaging territories with the passing of each song. With a cordial and generous flow, each track exhibits its own individuality, yet all come together with such grace and sincerity that reiteration will ultimately be preordained for the listener.
Each piece develops with its own traits, whether it is the balmy, warping basslines of the opener “A Dreary Flight Over The Datascape” by Cacheflowe, the alluring female vocal sirens of “Rebuild” by Scaffolding, or the slick beat-timing of Wayne Winters” “Meagamix”. The cohesiveness and consistency of this project is imminent, skillfully illuminating each musical piece with expert refinement.
Wayne Winter’s remix of “Rebuild” by Scaffolding offers a glassy, not overly complex take on the original; staying true to form. Cacheflowe’s remix of the Wayne Winters track “Precious Moments” injects an infectious hip-hop beat with carefully placed burps of vintage synthlines. The Cacheflowe remix of Scaffolding’s “Rebuild” takes a delicate but precise approach to the original version with complexly layered beats and utilizes the vocal samplings to luscious effects. Each outing here dispenses wonderfully with style and function, without a blemish to be found.
“The Reprogramming Project” flows like a complete album, tenderly displaying tepid washes of ambience accentuated by thoughtful beat construction, carefully structured melodies, and smooth, embracing grooves. Glowing with genuine warmth and innovation, this CD serves as a fine representation of what Electronica can accomplish without the trappings of pre-empted scene representation. “The Reprogamming Project” denotes a standard in the IDM genre that is rarely met these days and effortlessly projects everything that is good and decent about electronic music. Recommended.


— Paul Nielsen

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