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Bulldose – Overdose EP

Bulldose - Overdose EP

CD-R, Umbruch Recordings, 2008

Both simple and simply different, “Overdose EP” is polished yet left with an unmistakably raw character that you only hear from relative new comers with talent and a twisted perspective. As you might imagine this shifted outlook manages to yield an equally as interesting a concoction of sounds with as many variations in style as there are tracks. Although all the entire composition shares a slightly imbalanced gate and is undeniably soaked in reverb, each track is uniquely maddening.
It’s bewildering at moments as to how, with this similarity of character overall, that the singular pieces it is comprised of manage to restructure your view of the release as a whole repeatedly throughout the EP. As soon as you hit play, grime and crunch overcome a brooding piano line and, as the album progresses, it touches on tangents as far reaching as a sixties spy movie sound track to a modern smoke filled hip-hop club. All this is a startling thought when you realize that this release is only slightly in excess of 31 minutes and that it is divided amongst nine tracks. While listening, the tracks do not seem short, rushed or too prolific in such a spans; however, as the album ends, you will notice its brevity.
Not at all suited for a dance floor, unless you consider writhing on the floor in a Thorazine-induced seizure dancing, none the less, “Overdose” keeps your head nodding. Undoubtedly though, Bulldose will manage to captivate not only the enthusiast listener but the adventurous newcomer to electronic music. Listen, then repeat again, you will find a lot to like in the end.


— George Caruso

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