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Another Headache – Pushing the Envelope

Another Headache - Pushing the Envelope

CD, ThisCo, 2005

The rather cinematographic music of this English group is a nice surprise because the ambiances developed in the tracks “Near Death” and “Lunar Water” are reminiscent of Snog or old Black Lung mixed with sounds close to Lagoski’s “SETI”.
Four totally experimental and dark ambient tracks, with sampled voices and a nice and minimalist acoustic guitar melodie that flies over the light sound waves of the first track and take the listener into a realm of strange dreams, not unlike the first album by Boards of Canada.
With sound structures close to the contemporaneous experimentation of musique concrete this group knows how to make their impressionist sound paintings interesting. Without much information about this original project, one hopes that a full album with the same spirit will see the light of the day very soon.


— Pedro PeƱas y Robles

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