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(ad)VANCE(d) – 24

(ad)VANCE(d) - 24

10″ Vinyl, Substantia Innominata, 2011

“Substantia Innominata”, or to put it in a more common language, “Of Unknown Origin”, a 10″ series by the Drone Records sublabel which already featured artists like Daniel Menche and Yen Pox. With the label’s concept these releases are always a surprise when it comes to the content, and looking at the artwork and vinyl itself, a very collectible series.
The 15th chapter with the title “24” was written, produced and executed by Mars Wellink, a.k.a. (ad)VANCE(d). Together with Robert Deters Mars formed Vance Orchestra for many years, one of the best known and highly appreciated drone projects in the Netherlands. A simple search on the web will give you loads of information to start investigating and exploring. “24” is the fourth release by Mars Wellink as (ad)VANCE(d) and one he can be very proud of. The cover and vinyl are wonderful and the music triggers the brain over and over again.
Side A is titled “0618” and sounds like the soundtrack to Ridley Scott’s recent recent movie “A Life in the Day”, a movie which was built from video material sent to the makers from all over the world on one particular day – the result is a collage which seems incoherent, but after you’ve given it more then just some superficial attention it comes to live. The sounds in here are quite recognizable, but in this case it’s the source that is unknown.
The reverse side entitled “1806” opens with the same atmosphere because also some found sounds are used. It quickly changes into a heavy loop-based drone with frequencies almost too heavy for vinyl to reproduce. The loops evolve during the track and additional sounds are added into the spectrum, while others are slowly filtered out. The one constant I the track is the erratic voice in the background which gives the track an overall eerie feeling.
“24” is dedicated to the memory of Raoul Teulings, and what an impressive dedication this is.


— Bauke van der Wal

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