Various Artists – You Are Here: a Compilation of Wisconsin Electronics

Various - 'You Are Here: a Compilation of Wisconsin Electronics'


01. Blind Faith and Envy – Just Like Anyone
02. Sensuous Enemy – Red 2 Blue 2 Black
03. CTRLSHFT – Satellites
04. Neuroverse – Gashed Circuitry
05. Stochastic Theory – Conditional
06. Null Device – Wonderland
07. The Dark Clan – LeStat In Cuba
08. Caustic – Industrial Moustache Ride
09. Endif – Blotter
10. Beta Virus – Flood Waters
11. The Gothsicles – One Second Ghost

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Artist links:

Beta Virus
Blind Faith and Envy
The Dark Clan
The Gothsicles
Null Device
Sensuous Enemy
Stochastic Theory

Compiled by Matt Fanale (alias Caustic) for Connexion Bizarre in January 2007. Artwork by M.

Creative Commons License
“You Are Here: a Compilation of Wisconsin Electronics” by Sensuous Enemy, Beta Virus, The Gothsicles, Stochastic Theory, Blind Faith and Envy, Endif, Neuroverse, Caustic, CTRLSHFT, Null Device, The Dark Clan is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

“You Are Here: a compilation of Wisconsin electronics” is NCB002

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