Various Artists – You Are Here: a Compilation of Lowlands Electronics

Various - 'You Are Here: a Compilation of Lowlands Electronics'


01. For Greater Good – Rusted Revenge (edit)
02. Machinist – Residu
03. M. Pieck – Three Degrees Of Separation
04. Empusae – WaaromOokAlweer?
05. Hybryds – Stay Away
06. TraumaSutra – Pornscape
07. Lenin – Orthodox Science
08. Maarten Van Der Vleuten – MYM7
09. the [law-rah] collective – Ontstilde Compositie
10. 33MHz – You Can Talk To Me If You Want
11. Kraken – Iets
12. Kristus Kut – Silence Of Cohibition

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“Those who like to pass their journeys on flea markets can come home (if they want to) with tons of compilations that feature bands from the Low Lands (that’s Holland and Belgium, for your information). We better don’t support this kind of idea unless you want to lose yourself in ultimate crap. This one, even if it has a very familiar title, won’t be found there. Not only do you hear the cream of the crop from the indus/experimental scene from over there but this “You are here: a compilation of Lowlands Electronics” is a digital release that is totally free. On this compilation you can find twelve tracks and among the most known ones you’ll find For Greater Good (with the martial “Rusted Revenge”) or Empusae who is offering you some experimental ambient wherein Nicolas uses sound samples from the Catholic Church and it’s quite freaky at the time. Experimental trip-hop with an indus touch can be found on Hybryds, noisy Merzbowsounds from Traumasutra and as always something unexpected from Kristus Kut. Also included on here are Machinist, M Pieck, Lenin, Maarten Van Der Vleuten, The (Law Rah) Collective, 33 MHZ and Kraken. [8/10]”
– Didier Becu, Peek-A-Boo Magazine


“Rusted Revenge (edit)” written and Produced by For Greater Good (2010, previously unreleased); www.forgreatergood.be; info@forgreatergood.be
“Residu” written and produced by Machinist (2010, previously unreleased); www.machinistdrone.com; info@machinistdrone.com
“Three Degrees Of Separation” written and produced by Martijn Pieck (2010, previously unreleased); martijn.pieck@gmail.com
“WaaromOokAlweer?” written and produced by Empusae (2010, previously unreleased); www.empusae.com
“Stay Away” music by Magthea, TraumaSutra and Madeline Arndt, lyrics by Magthea and vocals by Madeline Arndt; www.hybryds.com
“Pornscape” written and produced by TraumaSutra (2010, previously unreleased); www.myspace.com/traumasutra; dekoningpeter@hotmail.com
“Orthodox Science” written and produced by Peter Savelkoul (Lenin) (2010, previously unreleased); www.leninproject.com; info@wearedifferentrecords.com
“MYM7” written and produced by Maarten van der Vleuten (2009, previously unreleased); www.maartenvandervleuten.com; d-_-b@maartenvandervleuten.com
“Ontstilde Compositie” written and produced by Bauke van der Wal (2010, previously unreleased ); www.darkambient.net; inspired by “Cá Fora: Arquitectura Desassossegada” by Eduardo Souto de Moura & Ângelo de Sousa (Venice, 2008)
“You Can Talk To Me If You Want” written and produced by Patrick Stevens (2010, previously unreleased); www.escape3.org
“Iets” written and produced by Ricardo Gomez Y De Buck and Joris Vermost (2010, previously unreleased); www.myspace.com/krakenrijovego
“Silence Of Cohibition” written and produced by Kristus Kut (2009, previously unreleased); www.facebook.com/kristus.kut; kristus-kut@live.nl
Compiled by Bauke van der Wal (www.darkambient.net) for Connexion Bizarre in late 2010 to February 2011

Released February 2011. Artwork by Gustavo Guerra (slim-DVD box version) and by M. (regular jewelcase version)

Creative Commons License
“You Are Here: a Compilation of Lowlands Electronics” by For Greater Good, Machinist, M. Pieck, Empusae, Hybryds, TraumaSutra, Lenin, Maarten Van Der Vleuten, the [law-rah] collective, 33MHz, Kraken, Kristus Kut is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

“You Are Here: a compilation of Lowlands Electronics” is NCB023

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