Various Artists – You Are Here: a Compilation of Indiana Electronics

Various - 'You Are Here: a Compilation of Indiana Electronics'


01. Searad – Ascending Dawn
02. dRachEmUsiK – Alien Priest, Gryphon Mix
03. Murkbox – Stitch-Craft (Live Medley)*
04. Supercell – Inhale Ether
05. Freeze Etch – Slight Rite
06. rekt – signal : noise
07. F/Switch – Clouding Alex
08. Automatic Thoughts – fundamental attribution error
09. trudge – rubber cement
10. Jordan Nix – Tetra
11. unterm rad – something doesn’t add up
12. Nick Maxwell – Serpentine Forms In Metallic Chambers

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“Ascending Dawn” written and produced by Conrad Baugh (2009); www.myspace.com/searad
“Alien Priest, Gryphon Mix” written and produced by Charles Shriner (2008); music and sound Recording copyright:Charles Shriner, Naked Face Publishing A.S.C.A.P.; originally released on “Gryphon” (dRachEmUsiK); www.drachemusik.com
“Stitch-Craft (Live Medley)” written and produced by John-Grey Vogel (2009); exclusive track; courtesy of Bad Taste Music Exchange; www.badtaste4life.com, www.myspace.com/murkbox
“Inhale Ether” written and produced by Damian Souder (2009); courtesy of Singularity Productions; www.myspace.com/supercell78
“Slight Rite” written and produced by Adam Duckworth (2007); originally released on “Vessels” (Force Of Nature Productions); courtesy of Force Of Nature Productions; www.freezeetch.com, www.forceofnature.cc
“signal : noise” written and produced by Mike Slansky and Alex Stilts (2008); www.myspace.com/rektmusic
“Clouding Alex” written and produced by James Vogel (2007); originally released on “No Fortune” (lokol); www.lokol.com, lokol@lokol.com
“fundamental attribution error” written and produced by Automatic Thoughts (2008); www.myspace.com/automaticthoughts
“rubber cement” written and produced by trudge (2007); originally released on “Selected Sounds From The THC Vol.1”; courtesy of Labtoy Music; www.myspace.com/wwwmyspacecomtrudgecom
“Tetra” written and produced by Jordan Nix (2008); www.myspace.com/vermiforms, covendra@gmail.com
“something doesn’t add up” written and produced by Mike Slansky (2009); courtesy of Tympanik Audio; www.myspace.com/mikeslansky, www.tympanikaudio.com
“Serpentine Forms In Metallic Chambers” written and produced by Nick Maxwell (2004); originally released on “Oubliette” (Foreshadow Records, 2004); nickmaxwell@gmail.com

Compiled by Mike Slansky (www.myspace.com/mikeslansky) for Connexion Bizarre in February-November 2009.
Artwork by M.

Creative Commons License
“You Are Here: a Compilation of Indiana Electronics” by Searad, dRachEmUsiK, Murkbox, Supercell, Freeze Etch, rekt, F/Switch,
Automatic Thoughts, trudge, Jordan Nix, unterm rad and Nick Maxwell
is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

“You Are Here: a compilation of Indiana electronics” is NCB012

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