Sleep Clinic – Sleazy Functions: A Tribute To Peter Christopherson

Sleep Clinic - Sleazy Functions


01 – The Mute Unconscious Speaks Its First Words
02 – Television Sky
03 – High Above A Frozen Steppe

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About the artist

Jeff Swearengin is an experimental multimedia artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. He
can be reached at wire.god@gmail.com

About this release

Recorded November 29th 2010 and mastered December 21st 2010 (Lunar Eclipse on The Solstice).
Improvised expressions in regards to the passing of Peter Christopherson.
Auditory grief and thanks to a true genius of the arts and its magic.


All tracks written, recorded, & produced by Jeff Swearengin.
Artwork by Jeff Swearengin.


“Sleazy Functions – a tribute to Peter Christopherson” is licensed under a
Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License

“Sleazy Functions – a tribute to Peter Christopherson” is NCB027

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