Phllox – h[a]unted

Phllox - h[a]unted


01. Mechanical dolls
02. L’ombre rampante CB edit
03. A prayer for you
04. Coitus interruptus
05. Goodbye Lady red (vocals by Rapide Sherpa)

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About the artist

Phllox is a native of France, living in the suburb of its capital city Paris. Music has always monopolised a significant part of his hobbies.
He started making music in the nineties as a simple mean of self-expression. From a simple hobby, it became a true passion to balance with his professional life.
Inspirations vary from Coldwave, EBM, Detroit Techno, German Trance, Industrial, and classical.
Phllox is a solo project, open to cooperations with other related projects…
“Even if I got a business background, I’m passionate about music. It started really during the early eighties with Gothic and Old-School Industrial… then naturally evolved to Electro / Techno to now retrun a bit back to my roots. When I am not playing music, mixing tracks or simply listening music, well I’m certainly in a plane or in my office.”

About this release

“h[A]unted” is not easy to categorize, some say dark ambient, industrial, electro and others… describe this release as a soundscape for the listeners to play with emotions and nostalgia. From anger to sadness, from happiness to furiousness, compositions took place at various occasions along 2009.


“Chaque morceau semble construit de la même façon, mais étrangement cela fonctionne assez bien. On a l’impression de suivre les différents actes d’une pièce de théatre, on pose le décor au début de chacun, puis les personnages font leur apparition, puis place à l’action. […] Le sujet est bien maitrisé, les morceaux font bien partie d’un même univers homogène, et les sonorités à la fois un peu datées et à la fois intemporelles qui font penser à “de la trance du côté obscur des années 90″ rendent l’ensemble plus crédible que l’electrodark contemporaine qui suit le mouvement. Le seul bémol que j’aurai à émettre sera dans le choix du son du kick, qui semble identique d’un morceau à l’autre, ce qui à force le rend prévisible.”
— Laurent Mekka, Mekkanikal


Music by Phllox (www.myspace.com/phllox)
Graphics by Tiflou (www.chez.com/tiflou)

Creative Commons License
“h[a]unted” by Phllox is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

“h[A]unted” is NCB011

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