K’teus – Audio Hypersigil 1 (The Awakening)

K'teus - 'Audio Hypersigil 1 (The Awakening)'


01. A Dark Moment
02. Epiphany of The Halucinogen
03. Neural Triggering
04. The Awareness Of Quantum
05. Approaching the Choronzon
06. The Destruction of Ego and Obliteration of Self
07. The Godhead

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About the artist

J (aka K’Teus) has been creating electronic music since the mid 90’s. The K’Teus (Kay-Tey-Yus) project was initiated in December 2005, taking influence from a wide range of extreme electronica; from gabba, noise, breakcore and dark ambient. K’Teus has now refined a sound of blistering breakcore evil fused with dub and drum and bass wrapped in an industrial coating. Familiar themes and sounds are warped and twisted into dark, unfamiliar and unsettling ambiences,beats are broken, crushed and mutated. Distorted samples layer throughout the sonic landscape awaiting the unsuspecting tourist. The influence for K’Teus’music comes from all over, as one may expect from such a project.Sometimes serious, sometimes playful, but always extreme.


All music and graphics by J. (www.myspace.com/kteus)

Creative Commons License
“Audio Hypersigil 1 (The Awakening)” by K’teus is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported.

“Audio Hypersigil 1 (The Awakening)” is NCB010

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