Videos: Kate recommends

A quick selection of videos, with no particular theme, that I am particularly keen on at the moment…

Ben Frost “Killshot”
I featured this track on a previous podcast that I created for Connexion Bizarre. You’ll find it on the “Weird noises in my brain” mix.

The Walton Hoax “Chemical Burn”
I’ve been championing this project for a little while now, and it’s good to see they’re finally getting the attention they truly deserve. Over 30,000 plays on YouTube, a new EP out now, and more good stuff to come. Review coming soon.

Austra “Lose It”
One for the synthpop fans. At the moment, melancholy, slightly goth pop vocals seem to be ruling quite heavily, with the likes of Zola Jesus, Florence and the Machine and now Austra. Somehow I don’t think this is a sound that will go away any time soon, and I for one, like my pop music a little on the miserable synth side!

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