K8’s listening tips

Richard Chartier (known here as pinkcourtesyphone) provides a gorgeous minimal electronica DJ set for We Are Squirrelly: http://soundcloud.com/we-are-squirrelly/pinkcourtesyphone-for-squirrelly

Mix by Loop Stepwalker for Ad Noiseam: http://www.adnoiseam.net/news/free-winter-mix-by-loop-stepwalker/

Beautiful in its wrongness! Thank you Canada for bringing us a keytar playing Dinosaur in the form of Sythosaurus! http://soundcloud.com/synthosaurus

A few free mixes courtesy of the rather marvellous dancon.one and Pete Stormcrow from Disco_r.dance: http://www.discordance.biz/mixes.html

Lots of free mixes and mp3’s from Hekate (the Yann CCP Hekate Live Set mix is especially good) but there’s plenty more to listen to. http://www.hekate.co.uk/frontotherlinks.htm

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