First off, happy Pi Day (that’s 03/14 in American notation) and this is what Pi sounds like.

An interesting opinion piece on the Guardian about Apple as the new ‘Evil Empire’ and an older, more obscure (and decidedly more humourous), piece by Umberto Eco on the ‘Holy War’ of Mac vs. MS-DOS.

Did anyone ever seriously think that ‘science studies’ wouldn’t have a bad result? “Fact-Free Science” on the New York Times.

On the fiction-side (and certainly a bit late to the party but whatever…), not only is Charles Stross’ “A Colder War” short novelette a pretty good Mythos pastiche but his Lovecraftian spy thrillers are pretty engaging too. Two short-stories, “Down In The Farm” and “Overtime”, are also available for free at Tor.com.

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