For those who happen to like Mexican trash-electro super-star Silverio be sure to explore his own label, Nuevos Ricos (much more madness lies that way). In stark contrast you will find the German label Drone Records and for a bit of more encompassing experimental variety there is the often surprising Record Label Records which counts luminaries such as Scorn and Contagious Orgasm in its hectic roster of artists.

Chateau Bruyant is a French electronic music blog and netlabel which counts artists like Niveau Zero, Comic Strip and The Unik on its roster. Check it.

If stop-motion animation is your cup of tea then eatPES is definitely a must. There’s also a wicked official YouTube playlist curated by PES.

Despite what some may consider an excessively ‘mainstream’ outlook, Music Globalization is a worthy of reading with some attention, both for amateur and ‘professional’ music-people as well as the general public. And an interesting piece on IP law vs. Innovation on Groklaw: “The White House Asks: What’s Blocking Innovation in America? – My Answer: IP Laws”

On a lighter and decidedly cynical take on (seriously epic) recent international developments, British (satyrical) newspaper The Daily Mash hits it squarely in the head with this piece. Published during the actual protests, this one was also pretty spot on.

And to wrap things up keeping with the spirit of the day (sort of), an interesting article on data analysis over at Last.fm by occasional ConnexBiz staffer Andrew Clegg (and some additional technical background can be found at Andrew’s blog)

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