Program 20091228-0103

Part 1
(“When it’s -24ºC” with music selection by JanaDark)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Opposite Exhale – My feeling’s vile (04:30)
[Nothing lasts – Tympanik Audio]
ESA – Randomly Selected Drawbacks of the Human Condition PT 2 (Manipulated by ESA) (06:32)
[The Immaculate Manipulation – Tympanik Audio]
Somatic Responses- The infected (Dark Acid mix) (03:22)
[Zombie Apocalypse – Thac0 Records
Time for trees – Itty Bitty (06:24)
[Sometimes always – Archipel Musique]
Nexus – UVB-76 (04:18)
[Silicone Poplars – The Centrifuge]
Atheus – The sound of dark matter (09:48)
[Soundscapes and Drones – Ghost Sounds]
Shinkiro – Theme-I (10:02)
[Way Of The Gods – Athanor]
Raison d’etre – Purified With Fire (02:39)
[The Stains Of The Embodied Sacrifice – Cold Meat Industry]
Voice of eye – Global orgasm (02:39)
[Emergence and Immersion – Old Europa Cafe]

Part 2
(“2009 by 10 + 3” with music selection by M.)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Solar Skeletons – Candy In A Jar
[Necroethyl – Bruits De Fond/Night On Earth/Radon Uropa]
T/M/K (as Textbook of Modern Karate) – Comin’ to a Town near You
[Need The Needle – Aentitainment]
End – Bad Girls Go To Hell
[The Dangerous Class – Hymen Records]
Marching Dynamics – The Apparition Speaks
[The Workers Party of Haiti – Hymen Records]
:papercutz – Lylac
[Lylac – Apegenine]
Wentworth Kersey – Wild
[(O) – Plastic Sound Supply]
Lambwool feat. Sonia S – Photographic
[Electronic Manifesto 3: a French Tribute to Mute Records – M-tronic]
Prometheus Burning – Plague Called HuMANity
[Plague Called HuMANity – Crunch Pod]
Skullduggery – In-Security
[You Are Here. [Nowhere] – Trozoc]
Urceus Exit – My Reward
[Compensation For The Sound Of Silence – Artoffact]
Displacer – X Was Never Like This… (Renegade of Noise Shunt Mix by Daniel Myer)
[X Was Never Like This… – Tympanik Audio]
Raoul Sinier – Map For A Tactical Nonsense
[Tremens Industry – Ad Noiseam]
Scrap.edx – Warheads Are Filled With A Biological Religion
[Merciless Protraction – Hands Productions]

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