Program 20090713-0719

Part 1
(“Todd Durrant @ Connexion Bizarre” with music selection by Todd Durrant of A Different Drum)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Saudade – Kansas Again (Intro Music)
[The Guts to Be Good – A Different Drum]
Midnight Resistance – A Tear in Every Moment (Crybaby)
[A Different Mix Volume 6 – A Different Drum]
Rename – But Now
[Energize – A Different Drum]
Saudade – Bad Dreams
[Bad Dreams – A Different Drum]
Rename – Who Needs the World
[First Bounce – A Different Drum]
Rename – Hey Cowboy
[First Bounce – A Different Drum]
Leiahdorus – Indigent (Dare to Dance Mix)
[Indigent – A Different Drum]
Das Merman – Tief in der Nacht (Extended)
[Tief in der Nacht – Hopeless Endeavors]
Das Merman – Sharks
[Sharks – Hopeless Endeavors]
Disreflect – Rest (Eulogy)
[Rest – A Different Drum]
Saudade – Lost Diamonds
[Bad Dreams – A Different Drum]

Part 2
(“July Chaos Sedated” with music selection by Invisible War)
Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
House Of Low Culture – A.T. Drone Home
[Record Of Shadows Infinite – Crucial Blast]
4th Sign Of The Apocalypse – Final Fight Of The Lark
[Lost Hour World – The Order Of The Suffering Clown]
Raison d’etre – The Maturation Of Nature
[Reflections from the Time of Opening – Cold Meat Industry]
Peter H. Gilmore – Rise
[Threnody For Humanity – Adversary Recordings]
Instincts-Bustum – Saga
[The Mystery Visions – Cyclic Law]
TenHornedBeast – Oppression Sacrament
[The Sacred Truth – Cold Spring]
Sistrenatus – IV
[Division One – Cold Spring]
Inade – The Crushing Of Earthly Foundations
[Aldebaran – Cold Spring]
Law – October Sea
[The Black Lodge – Nuit Et Brouillard]

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