Program 20071231-0113

Part 1
(“Lust for Love and Lost for Life” with music selection by Bauke van der Waal)
Coil – Tattooed Man (6:33)
[The Ape Of Naples – Threshold House]
Karmanik – Min Ă„ngel (4:42)
[…And Even Wolves Hid Their Teeth And Tongue Wherever Shelter Was Given (US Version) – Cold Meat Industry, Darkwave]
Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words – Days Like These And Days Like Those And Nights That Never End (4:33)
[Old Ghosts, New Ghosts, All Ghosts – iDEAL Recordings]
Zero Kama – Love Alway Yieldeth (4:03)
[The Secret Eye Of L.A.Y.L.A.H. – Permis De Construire]
Navicon Torture Technologies – It’s Better This Way (3:11)
[Pure Skin – NCC: Noise Control Corp.]
Isolrubin BK – Motor Vehicle Collision Victim Removal Procedure (6:46)
[Crash Injury Trauma – Soleilmoon Recordings]
In Slaughter Natives – Angel Meat (5:26)
[Enter Now The World – Cold Meat Industry, Staalplaat]
Skincage – Calling Home (6:06)
[Things Fall Apart – Spectre]
Unicorn – Far Away; Close To You (5:30)
[Playing With Light – Housepig]
Deathpile – Known Victims (12:22)
[G.R. – Hospital Productions, Force Of Nature Productions]
Tony Wakeford – A Rose In Hell (3:50)
[Cupid And Death – Tursa]

Part 2
(“20071231-0113 Pop” with music selection by M.)
Lowe – Ahead Of Our Time (Viktor Ginner Remix)
[Tenant Remixed – Megahype]
Celluloide – Fashion
[Naphtaline LP – BOREDOMproduct]
Information Society – Somnambulist
[Synthesizer – A Different Drum]
Rename – Who Needs The World
[First Bounce – A Different Drum]
Fantazja – Sing This Song
[Help Yourself – A Different Drum]
Null Device – Snow And Joy
[Excursions – Nilaihah Records]
Dekad – Down Below
[Confidential Tears – BOREDOMproduct]
Massiv In Mensch – Menschdefekt
[Clubber Lang – Artoffact]
Bak XIII – 80’s Are Back Forever (Auto-Remix)
[Post Lucem Tenebrae – Urgence Records]
I, Synthesist – Pieces
[Art Of Survival – Satellite Symphonics]
The Rorschach Garden – Life Is A Combat (feat. Darrin Huss)
[The Toy Factory – Bazooka Joe]
B! Machine – Illumination
[The Falling Star – A Different Drum]

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