Program 20071210-1216

Part 1
(“Chaos Sedated” with music selection by Raul A.)
Cenotype vs. Navicon Torture Technologies – Mind Is A Prison (Diseases Of The Mind Will Never Die)
[Mind Is A Prison – Annihilvs]
Love is Nothing – Springtime of the Soul
[Chapter II – Annihilvs]
Gnaw Their Tongues – White Skin
[Issei Sagawa – Self-Released]
Deutsch Nepal – Blowjob Parasite
[Erotikon – Cold Meat Industry]
Atrium Carceri – Frosted Snowflakes
[Seishinbyouin – Cold Meat Industry]
Desiderii Marginis – The Sweet Hereafter
[Strife – Cold Meat Industry]
Land:Fire – Glasslike Substances
[Physical : Mental : Psychological – Tesco Organisation]
Propergol – Ground Proximity Warning System
[Ground Proximity Warning System – Annihilvs]
Anenzephalia – Liebombast
[Ephemeral Dawn – Tesco Organisation]
Aural Blasphemy – The Dirt Behind The Daydream
[V/A – Tonal Destruction II – DTA Records]
Mz. 412 – Mourning Star
[Infernal Affairs – Cold Meat Industry]
Death Squad – Deprogrammed
[Out-patient – Spastik Kommunikations]

Part 2
(“December Experience” with music selection by M.)
Cruise [CTRL] – Crow’s Nest (Imminent mix)
[V/A – Electronic Manifesto 2 – Divine Comedy Records]
Bak XIII – Lost
[Post Lucem Tenebrae – ?]
November Növelet – Street Of Lost Heart
[Magic – Galakthorrö]
Christopher Käh – Helene & Le Sang (cpam edit)
[V/A – Le Mouvement De La Jeunesse Electronique – Abyssa Netlabel]
100blumen – Hardy Plant
[In Floriculture There Is No Law! – Ant-Zen]
Caustic – Spaff Injection (Alter Der Ruine Mix)
[Booze Up And Riot – Hangover Edition – Crunch Pod]
Alec Empire – On Fire (The Hellish Vortex Sessions)
[The Golden Foretaste Of Heaven – Eat Your Heart Out]
Rachel Car – Superstar
[Behave EP – Strater Records]
Fantazja – Fist Meets Face
[Help Yourself – A Different Drum]
Synapscape – 10 Seconds
[Now – Ant-Zen]
Terence Fixmer – Cerveaux Sans Âmes
[Muscle Collection – Megahit Records]
Corrupted Suburbs – Travis’ Dream
[Corrupted Suburbs – self-released]
Ambassador21 – Strong, Brave, Angry
[Fuck All Systems – Invasion Wreck Chords]

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