Program 20070910-0916

Part 1
(“Skull Candy!!” with music selection by DJ Istabmyhead)
Drumcorps – Terrible Things
[Grist – Ad Noiseam]
The Curse of the Golden Vampire – Total Annihilation of Self
[Mass Destruction – Ipecac Recordings]
The Berzerker – Massacre
[The Berzerker – Earache Records]
Gadget – Requiem
[The Funeral March – Relapse]
Gigantic Brain – UnderPiglet crawls the earth at high speeds, eating anything with a heartbeat
[The Invasion – Razorback Records]
DJ Scotch Egg – Scotch Forest
[KFC Core – Adaadat]
Agoraphobic Nosebleed – Machine Gun
[Frozen Corpse Stuffed With Dope – Relapse]
Raquel de Grimstone – Ransom Himself
[Freemansonicyouth – Zhark International]
Glaukom Synod – One Step To Heaven
[Uczulony – N/A]
Panic DHH – Spare
[Panic Drives Human Herds – Digital Hardcore Recordings]
Leech Woman – Solid State / Fedrill (Noise Creator Suburban Trash mix)
[Uncertainty Device #26573 – Wasp Factory Recordings]
Hindu Pez – War Solves Nothing
[Stopping The Ministry of Peace – N/A]
Thirteenth Exile – Disease Spreader
[Assorted Chaos And Broken Machinery – Memento Materia]
Hellsau – Burn (The Kick)
[Vain – Invisible Records]
NKVD – Barbarians
[Prolog – Hands Productions]
Skinny Puppy – Scrapyard
[Last Rights – Nettwerk]
Gridlock – Sever
[Further – Pendragon Records]

Part 2
(“Bodypop anticipation” with music selection by M.)
Emmon – Down Below
[The Art & The Evil – Wonderland Records]
Client – Drive
[Heartland – Out Of Line]
Ladytron – This Is Our Sound
[604 – Invicta Hi-Fi]
Thermostatic – Paninaro
[Joy-Toy – Wonderland Records]
Backlash – Out Of Sync
[Shape Of Things To Come – Memento Materia]
Rupesh Cartel – The Disco And The What Not
[The Disco And The What Not – Megahype]
Ultraviolet – Another Day In The Week
[Dos – A Different Drum]
Mesh – Step By Step
[We Collide – Königskinder]
Concise – Innocence
[Revive – Wycombe Music]
Richter – My Calling
[Cost Of Living – Sound As A Weapon]
Lowe – Simplicity (Hakan Libdo Mix)
[Tenant Remixed – Megahype]
Sista Mannen På Jorden – Ha Det Så Bra
[Tredje Våningen – Energy Rekords]
Emplosia – Key
[Emplosia – Code Records]

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