Program 20070528-0603

Part 1
(“Too much sugar” with music selection by Istabmyhead)
Alec Empire vs Merzbow – The Alliance / The Destroyer and Merzbow
[Live CBGB’s NYC 1998 – Digital Hardcore Recordings]
EC80R – I Don’t Wanna Be a Part of This
[All Of Us Can Be Rich – Digital Hardcore Recordings]
Fossil – kick’SC
[TigerBeat6 Inc – TigerBeat6]
Hypnoskull – Terrorstress
[Dark Skies Over Planet E – Ant-Zen]
Disciples Of Annihilation – Brooklyn Mob
[New York City Speedcore – Industrial Strength Records]
omniBot – Self-Destruct Sequence
[Unamerican Activity – Vinyl Communications]
Evol Intent – Call To Arms
[Police State EP – Renegade Hardware]
Winterkälte РIncinerator (Green Point Mix)
[Structures of Destruction – Hands]
Axiome – Salve
[Rictus – Ant-Zen]
Proyecto Mirage – Don’t Be Bad
[Gimme Your Energy – Hands]
Pzychobitch – Maschinerie
[Electrolicious – COP International]
Rasputeen – Das Leberwurstbrot
[Das Leberwurstbrot – Invasion Wreck Chords]
Lesser & Kid-606 – Fuck Off Sarah
[LSR/KID-606 – Vinyl Communications]
Steel – One Man And His Anger
[The Connected Series IV – KlangKrieg Industries]
Black Lung – Robust Rhythmic Distraction
[Extraordinary Popular Delusions – Nova Zembla]

Part 2
(“Are you a happy tax-payer?” with music selection by M.)
Edgey – Descent
[Flawed – Hands Productions]
It-clings – is it wrong for me to hate her?
[the all too logical descent into madness – Bugs Crawling Out Of People]
Ordinateur – ex-10
[Magnetronic Turbulence – Brainchaos]
Fanny – Heidi’s Goatherd
[V/A – Eyelicker – Sublight Records]
Caustic – All your heroes are dildos
[Booze Up And Riot – Crunch Pod]
s.o.r.e.h.e.a.d. – Preacha
[The Worthless EP – self-released]
Cenotype – She’s Dead… Requiem
[Origins – Hive Records]
Contra – Not a Human Being
[V/A – Rising Tide – D-Trash Records]
Architect – Routine (feat. Kilma)
[Lower Lip Interface – Hymen]
Prospero – Protection and Precaution
[V/A – The Other Side – Geska Records]
Elekore – Rapen In Ways No Other Man Can
[Voluntary Human Extinction – Syrphe]
Hypnoskull – Turbodozer (enginez ov steel remix)
[Panik Mekanik – Ant-Zen]

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