Program 20061030-1105

Part 1
(“A Wild Ride Through Portugalectronics” with music selection by Deckhard of Agenda Electrónica)
Shhh…Don’t Panic [excerpt]
BeeperFirst Step Copy
[Dishes Binding Dogs – self-released]
[Rings – EdA]
Shhh…Twist & Wait
[ep#1 – self-released]
MethylThis Could Be A Small Interlude
[Home Made – self-released]
Ik Mux – Novo Estado Novo
[Novo Estado Novo]
Waste Disposal MachineI Sing The Body Electric [TatsuMaki Remix]
[unreleased ]
Flat Opak – Cottonoir
[Shock of This LightThisco]
Mikroben KriegRing Of Noise
[Shock of This LightThisco]
TatsuMakiStage Suicide

Part 2
(“Finding Aim” with music selection by M.)
The Alphabet Girls – Picture Of You
[Beatnik Europa – Kiss My Asterix Records]
Eight To Infinity – Undiscovered Breath
[Aether – Section 44]
Intuition – Beside You
[Overworked & Underplayed – A Different Drum]
Nun – I Don’t Know How
[Sunlight – Substream]
Code Machine – Will To Change
[Broken Age (demo) – self-released]
Code 64 – Sea Of Stars
[Departure – A Different Drum/Memento Materia]
The Gothsicles – One Second Ghost
[NESferatu – Sonic Mainline]
Terretron – Psychorps
[Wither – The Pandemic]
Noit Excev – The Fuhrer (Dawn of Ashes mix)
[V/A – Das Bunker – Fear Of A Distorted Planet – Das Bunker]
Asche – Killers
[Asche/Synapscape – Scenes From A Galton’s Walk – Ant-Zen]
Pow(d)er Pussy – systemsuckshot
[Just 2 Annoy You – Pflichtkauf]
Mimetic Collective – Mimetic Suicide Inside
[One By One – Urgence Disk Records]
Pzychobitch – Whisper
[Electrolicious – Minuswelt]

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