Program 20040713-0719

Part 1
(guest music selection by Luís Van Seixas of Sci-Fi Industries)
shhh… – The Thief
Mimetic – Moot Point
Skynny Puppy – Assimilate
Red Lorry Yellow Lorry – This Today (vynil cut)
In Tempus – Memorial
Oghr – Hilo
Cabaret Voltaire – I want You (12″ mix)
Oxygen – Letting Go

Part 2
(music selection by M.)
O.T.X. – Weapons Factory
[Escape – Brume Records]
Cycloon – God Blessed:Remorse
[Waterskills – Sequenced Sonic Interferences]
CTRL – Recognition
[Lose the Image – Diffusion Records]
[Active] Media Disease – Stainless Steel
[Organic – Interbeat Records]
Monstrum Sepsis – Doors & Windows
[Deep Sea Creatures – WTII Records]
The Pain Machinery – Blind Faith
[The Venom is going Global – BLC Productions]
Klangstabil – Push Yourself
[Taking Nothing Seriously – Hymen Records]

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