Program 20040629-0705

Part 1
(guest music selection by MIG-Piranha)
Nine Inch Nails – Hurt
[The Downward Spiral – Nothing Records]
Apoptygma Berzerk – Fade to Black
[The Blackest Album – Cleopatra Records]
Brain Surgery Experience – Hello Spaceboy
[Hello Spaceboy – Bloodline]
Wolfsheim – Find You’re Here
[Find You’re Here / Find You’re Gone – Strange Ways]
Spahn Ranch – Heretic’s Fork
[In Parts Assembled Solely – Cleopatra Records]
Birmingham 6 – Policestate (E-State Mix)
[To protect and to serve – Hard Records/Cleopatra]
Nachzehrer – Big Big Big Big Love
[Teen Taken from Tent by Aliens – Nanopop]

Part 2
(music selection by M.)
Large Number – Earth has Shrunk in the Wash
[Spray on Sound – White Label Music]
Lowfish – Glass House
[Snow Robots – volume 3 – Suction Records]
Soiled – Paranoid Conclusions
[Mindnumb – Elm Lodge Records]
Snog – Justifiable Homicide
[Beyond the Valley of the Proles – Hymen]
Extropy – Anastasis
[Lethe – Evolvesingularity]
Orphx – Catalyst
[Forms of Hands 04 – Hands Productions]
Ab Ovo – Léane
[Le temps suspendu… – Ant-Zen]
Synapscape – Reunion
[Positive Pop – Ant-Zen]

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