Program 20040622-0628

Part 1
(guest music selection by João)
Einstürzende Neubauten – Ende Neu (Special Gomez Mix)
[Ende Neu Remixes – Mute Records]
Schattenschlag – Zyclon B
[Flashback – Matrix Cube/[trisol]]
Alec Empire vs. Merzbow – The Alliance
[Live CBGB’s NYC 1998 – Digital Hardcore Recordings]
Suicide Commando – Murder
[Stored Images – Off-Beat]
Diabolos Rising – Ilsa
[Blood, Vampirism & Sadism – Kron-h]
Sonar – Bite Dog Bite!
[Overdose Simulation – Daft Records]
Converter – Cloud Eye
[Exit Ritual – Ant-Zen]
Winterkälte – Structure
[Drum ‘N’ Noise – Hands Productions]
Masonna – Part III
[Spectrum Ripper – Cold Spring Records]

Part 2
(music selection by M.)
NASA – Back to Square One
[Remembering the Future – 9th Wave]
Robert Marlow – Dorian Gray
[The Peter Pan Effect – Energy Rekords]
Celluloide – Synchronise
[Words once said – Boredom Product]
Iris – Annie, Would I Lie to You
[Disconnect – October/Energy Rekords]
Children Within – Freedom of Choice
[[Freedom of Choice] – October/Energy Rekords]
Spray – I Kill with my Car
[Living in Neon – 9th Wave]
Welle:Erdball – VW-Käfer
[VW-Käfer & 1000 Tage – Synthetic Symphony]
B! Machine – In Thrall
[Hybrid – A Different Drum]
Daybehavior – Mon :Ami
[Have You Ever Touched a Dream? – A Different Drum/Memento Materia]

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