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Alva Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto – Halo (08:36)
[Summvs – Raster-Noton]
Kangding Ray – Or (5:54)
[Or – Raster Noton]
Orphx – Radiotherapy I (5:49)
[Radiotherapy – Hands Productions]
Mondkopf – La Dame En Bleu (5:33)
[Galaxy Of Nowhere – Asphalt Duchess]
Stendeck – Feel The Flames Buring Inside Me (5:16)
[Scintilla – Tympanic Audio]
Architect – The Beauty And The Beat (Hecq Remix) (5:22)
[Upload Select Remix – Hymen Records]
Ahnst Anders – Home (8:47)
[Home – Ant-Zen]
Asche – Queer Angel (version) (5:26)
[Stonebrain – Industry8]
Wieloryb – Muba (3:39)
[Empty – Hands Productions]
This Morn’ Omina – Iboga (9:26)
[L’Unification Des Forces Opposantes – Ant-Zen]
Access To Arasaka – Photons (07:00)
[Orbitus – Tympanik Audio]

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“This year Summer Darkness presents you a new edition of the Industrial Night, one of the peaks and climaxes of the festival! By tradition boundaries will be pushed and limits will be reached with a new and refreshing line up of live acts. We are proud to present you 16Pad Noise Terrorist, Matta, Niveau Zero and Broken Note. These four smashing projects will serve you an extreme mashup of very dark, breakcore orientated, dub-step combined with heavy industrial patterns, noise layers and bass-lines that will throw you over the dance-floor like you are in a swimming pool in hurricane season.”

Industrial Night
DJ DistortedChaos

— music selection & mixing by DJ DistortedChaos

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