bloody tape 99

Flint Glass – Connexion Bizarre Podcast identifier
Silverio – El Baile Del Diablo
Untitled – Nuevos Ricos
La Bionda – I Wanna Be Your Lover
I Wanna Be Your Lover (single) – Baby Records
Gater – Taboo
Taboo (ep) – Dekathlon Records
Bleiburg – We Will Walk Alone
The Way To Nowhere – Skullline
Gatekeeper – Giza
Giza – Merok Records
Blackie-Aktiv – Ich und Du
Ich und Du (single) – unknown
Neon Indian – Children of The Revolution (cover)
none – free mp3
Malaria! – Your Turn To Run
Kaltes Klares Wasser – Moabit Musik
Los Carniceros del Norte – Amantes de Ultratumba
Sangre (ep) – self released/free download
Escarlatina Obsessiva – Paranormal
Endemic – Zorch Factory Records
Opera Multi Steel – Du Son Des Cloches
Cath̩drale РOrcadia Machina
Tesla Boy – Rebecca (Radio Edit)
Rebecca (ep) – Mullet Records
Birth! – Dead End
I Will – Realicide Youth
Elijah’s Mantle – Salomé
Sorrows Of Sophia – ArsNova

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— music selection & mixing by :JW:

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