Connexion Bizarre event flyers (2006)


Flyers for the monthy synth/electropop night at ‘Era Uma Vez No Porto…’ bar in Porto, Portugal. As the title may sugest, the music choices revolved around various forms of electronic pop: synthpop, electropop, idm-pop, robopop, porn-pop and bodypop.
Bodypop 2006-05-13
Bodypop 2006-06-10
Bodypop 2006-07-08
Bodypop 2006-09-09
Bodypop 2006-10-14
Bodypop 2006-11-11
Bodypop 2006-12-09

Dungeon Pop

‘Dungeon Pop’ was supposed to be a one-shot night at Fetish/BDSM venue ‘Bar Justine’ in Porto but a second night was scheduled as well. The music choices for these two nights revolved around fetish soundtracks, dungeon music, dark ambient, noise and ritual music.
Dungeon Pop 2006-09-30
Dungeon Pop 2006-10-31


Various one-shot events which, for the most part, took place at ‘Era Uma Vez No Porto…’ bar. Music choices varied, depending on the nature of the event, from synth/electropop covers to IDM, 8-bit, chillout breakbeats, abstract-hop, ambient d’n’b and others.
75% covers + 25% others 2006-06-14
X + X 2006-07-04
Jean-Patrick, on part en vacances! 2006-07-30
InterConnexion 2006-11-18
mending Hearts with Broken Beats 2006-12-12

— all artwork copyright Connexion Bizarre 2006; photos & design by Miguel de Sousa

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