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V/A – Synthétique

v/A - Synthétique

CD, BOREDOMproduct, 2003

“Synthétique” showcases the work of twelve talented French bands that work in different directions of Electronic pop music. According to publicity, it is the first release of its kind dedicated to the talent and variety of the emerging French Synthpop scene. If one is to judge from “Synthétique”, then the French Synthpop scene is indeed quite diversified in terms of styles and influences with quite a few talented musicians in it and definitely deserves some attention and exposure.
Musically quite diverse, the songs in “Synthétique” range from heart-felt and laid-back Synthpop ballads to more danceable Synthpop anthems and the odd musical piece. The apparent musical influences range from 80’s (and the inevitable Depeche Mode touches) to Cold and Darkwave ‘processed’ by today’s sensibilities and technologies. The production is quite careful as well and one can’t say that there isn’t a song that is particularly out of place in this compilation.
Among many good and excellent compositions, there are a few that inevitably stand out. Despite the coldness of their electronics, Thee Hyphen are anything but that, as their excellent “Into Dirt” aptly shows. “The Three Cold Men”, by the Franco-Brazilian band of the same name, also stands as particularly interesting in part due to the heavy Darkwave approach they take in their song. Very upbeat is “The Light”, by Feelings of Nowhere, and extremely catchy at that. Celluloide’s “Two Fridays a Week” is particularly interesting due to the simple bleepy beat and melody as well as the great singer who gives the music most of its character. “Road House” by Illegal File is also interesting due to its definite ‘noir’ feeling and the simplicity of the music and vocals.


— Miguel de Sousa

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