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V/A – Electronic Thisturbance

V/A - Electronic Thisturbance

CD, This.Co, 2004

Humble surprise would put to words this author’s reaction to the “Electronic Thisturbance” compilation. To be honest, having never heard anything from the This.Co label, and thinking it wasn’t going to host anything that had much to offer, finally hearing the artists’ contributions on this compilation was quite a shock.
For the first time in a long time, truly innovative and imaginative sound has graced this author’s ears. From a track based around the moan of a woman, to spoken word poetry set with stringed instruments and jazzy keys, “Electronic Thisturbance” is quite the piece of inventive treasure. To boot, it can truthfully be told that the entire assemblage was entertaining the whole way through. That, in and of itself, is a rare feat and should be applauded.
There’s quite a few types of music included in this comp, most leaning toward the laid back, non-aggressive patterns… but there are a few elements of hard lined rhythmic noise just to even the entirety out. Whoever was behind the artist lineup was an adept when it comes to matching music components to subsequent tracks, making the CD flow without interruption.
A lot of labels just throw artists together without any planning or consideration to the thought that some artists’ work shouldn’t be placed next to each other, or even on the same compilations as the contrast in sound would detract from the listening experience. It’s nice to see that this is not the case on Electronic Thisturbance.
As painful as it is to finally give a perfect score, “Electronic Thisturbance” rates a five out of five habanero peppers. Very good music!


— Ethan Cohen

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